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What is depression and why is it rising?


It’s an illness that fills our news pages on an almost daily basis. Juliette Jowit asks what causes depression, who is susceptible and what the best treatment is.

“Depressed people don’t all shuffle around with a long face, or cry at any provocation., a US government website, defines it as “losing interest in important parts of life”. Symptoms include eating or sleeping too much or too little; pulling away from people and usual activities; having low or no energy; feeling numb or like nothing matters; feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried or scared; and thinking of harming yourself or others. ”

You can read the rest here: What is depression and why is it rising?

The sexual responsibility of women

4101509780_4f8ce1dbdc_oAn active sexual life often requires a conscious and thoughtful decision about contraception, and the most common method across Europe, North and South America is the pill. That little oral contraceptive that liberated women’s sexual life. Does it still stand for that today?

There’s no arguing that hormones, and the balanced secretion of these, have an enormous importance in what comes to regulate physiological activities and behaviours, such as digestion, sleep, respiration, growth, stress and mood, just to name a few. So hormones can be responsible for really important survival things, but also for other aspects of your life, on a very relevant emotional level: your fear responses (andropause  in men will cause decreased production of testosterone which causes changes in behaviour and mood, such as taking less risks, feeling more fearful), how you see yourself and how you respond to others (increased irritability and sensitivity, and depressiveness in certain stages of women’s cycle; variations in sexual drive/libido, self-esteem).

The pill is an oral contraceptive that presents a combination of estrogen Continue reading


For some of us being assertive is quite challenging and frightening.

Looking back at the situation where we wish we would have expressed ourselves and say what we really want, we can easily become frustrated and feel ashamed. But the truth is that there are reasons for not being as assertive as it makes sense to us.

Here’s a short article about it.


Growing up in a household where your emotions are either actively discouraged or punished, or simply ignored takes a toll on you, a developing child. You internalize the message that your feelings, your needs, your views don’t matter. It’s a belief that’s rooted in childhood feelings. That belief / feeling is powerful, and it stays with you throughout your life.

Don’t make waves

Don’t talk about anything negative

Don’t let anyone else know what you feel, need or think

Don’t take up too much space

All of these messages are powerful deterrents to assertiveness. They make you feel, deep within yourself, that speaking up for yourself is not only a burden to others, it’s also just plain wrong

via Childhood Emotional Neglect: The Enemy of Assertiveness | Childhood Emotional Neglect

Finding Love Again, This Time With a Man

A beautiful article on love, ageing, life, optimism, making choices, and listening to yourself – written very honestly, and without stigmas.



Finding Love Again, This Time With a Man


AT age 70, I did not imagine that I would fall in love again and remarry. But the past 20 years have made my life a story of two great loves.

On Jan. 3, 1996, the telephone rang just before midnight, interrupting the silence of the hospital room. From the bedside of my wife, Clare, I lifted the receiver. “Please hold for the president.” Bill Clinton had heard that Clare, struck by acute leukemia, was fading. She listened and smiled but was too weak to speak.

via Finding Love Again, This Time With a Man – The New York Times

Internet and your Mental Health

This article is a very personal testimony about some harmful effects of always being  ‘connected’.

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The more you avoid the situations that cause you anxiety, the more anxiety they will cause, and soon enough the number of situations that cause you anxiety will increase. Your life will become narrower and the world will seem scarier.
But in your pocket is a device that allows you to avoid everything at all times.

via Anxious, depressed, scared? Close down the browser and face your fears | Joshua Williams | Opinion | The Guardian.